2-Axis Ultra Precision Inclinometer

There are 2 models in this product range with different resolution and measuring range. DWL9000XY is a 2-Axis ultra precision inclinometer with built-in Vibrometer, having resolution of 0.2 arcsec. or 1 µm/M and wide measuring range of 7,200 arcsec. or 35mm/M and DWL8500XY is another 2-Axis ultra precision inclinometer with built-in Vibrometer, having resolution of 1 arcsec. or 5 µm/M and wider measuring range of 14,400 arcsec. or 70mm/M.

Each model is specifically designed to REPLACE TWO UNITS of conventional SINGLE-AXIS levels/Inclinometers which are often BULKY in size and FRAGILE caused by its pendulum moving sensor parts. Digi-Pas MEMS technology 2-axis instrument has no moving parts and thus very TOUGH and RUGGED yet SMALLER in size and is durable when subjected to common "bumps and knocks" during daily usage and transportation. Digi-Pas ultra precision 2-axis inclinometers are developed for precision leveling, tilted-plane angles measurements, two dimentional surface-plane profiling & precision alignment tasks, and capable of real-time wireless Bluetooth/USB remote measuring & data logging. The accuracy performance certification of this instrument is verified by 3rd parties accredited calibration & test bodies in US, Japan & National Metrology Center of Singapore in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and/or ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 standard, traceable to NIST, JIS & DIN under ILAC & A2LA.

This instrument is exceptionally engineered to greatly simplifying the task of engineering professionals & scientists in installation, setting up, maintenance and characterization of very large-sized CNC machines, plane-surface flatness profiling, precision test/measuring instruments & 2D alignment-sensitive equipment.

2-Axis Ultra Precision Inclinometer - Model: DWL 8500XY - Bluetooth

2-Axis Ultra Precision Inclinometer - Model: DWL 9000XY - Bluetooth

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